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  • Dr. Ho is a personable, caring doctor who is well-educated and an EXPERT in his field. He ordered an ultrasound of my foot, and diagnosed an issue two previous podiatrists incorrectly identified. He takes a conservative approach, not forcing medicine, cortisone injections, or surgery if not needed. I'm delighted to be one of his patients!
    Kathleen D

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  • I am a 25 year old active male who ruptured my Achilles tendon last year. This impacted me immensely as I am an extremely active individual. Dr. Ho and Sarah addressed not only my physical ailment but also my emotional well being as well. They provided information about the procedure and what I would be expecting so that I could expect a realistic return to my baseline state. Being a registered nurse I have first hand experience speaking with doctors; while some can speak in a manner that further confuses patients this was not the case with them. I can say with full confidence that Dr. Ho and Sarah explained the pros and cons of the procedure in a language that anyone can understand. I would fully recommend these two to anyone who suffers an injury similar to mine. Thank you so much guys!

  • After seeing two doctors who were too eager to do surgery, I saw Dr. Ho for a third opinion. I explained that I did not want a fourth surgery on my ankle. He worked with me to avoid surgery; however, it was eventually determined surgery was the best option after conservative treatment did not work. The surgery went well and 4 months later I am back to being more physically active than I have been in a long time. Dr. Ho is always willing to listen and talk things over with you.

  • Dr. Ho and his team are amazing. I broke my right foot in October 2018 and by March of 2019 have made a great recovery all thanks to his brilliance. Dr. Ho is compassionate and in my opinion the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever met. I hope every patient is as lucky as I have been to have such an amazing doctor. His staff is amazing. His team is professional, caring, understanding and damn good at what they do. Without Dr. Ho I wouldn’t have made this recovery so THANKYOU SO MUCH

  • I’d refer and recommend Dr Ho, without hesitation, based on top notch service, phiIlosophy, and methodology. I surveyed 3 medical opinions pre-surgery and was certain with Dr. Ho. Upon reading his philosophy then meeting in-person, I knew he was most medically astute. He’s modern. He doesn’t install excessive and unnecessary hardware, as practiced at Rush and Northwestern. All went well. I trust Dr Ho implicitly.

  • I thank God and my primary for sending me to Dr Ho! He not only diagnosed me immediately correctly, he was kind, compassionate and courteous at a time I was in pain and “on the edge”! I would-and have-told everyone about Dr.Ho and Hinsdale Orthopedics. I will be coming back when time to find a physician for my knee repacements. Thank you also to Dr. Ho’s nurse- also so kind.

  • I contacted Hinsdale Ortho and was immediately directed to Dr. Ho for an ankle injury assessment. Within 10 minutes, I was x-rayed and Dr Ho diagnosed my Achilles rupture. Though initially startled by his youthful appearance- I actuallly asked if he had previously performed the repair procedure- his response assured me that I was not his first rodeo- they numbered in the thousands. His PA was terrific , my leg has NEVER BEEN BETTER thanks to his remarkable skill, physical therapy and time.

  • Very professional, Polite, Friendly, I would highly recommend Dr Ho, Sarah and all the staff involved in my surgery and recovery. Thank you all very much. Have a safe and happy holiday season. Ellen.

  • Fractured heel from a high fall and dr.ho did a great job with the surgery. I went from worrying about if I would use the foot the same to not worrying at all. He was great during the entire situation. He will now be the ortho I come to see should any other accidents occur

  • Dr. Ho was amazing. I was planning on having my fifth metatarsal intramedullary screw procedure with a different doctor; however, he canceled my surgery two days prior. I called Dr. Ho the day before he was able to book my appointment, and he was able to book my surgery four days after that. He was so easy to work with, and I'm so happy with the results. Really excellent surgeon. I would recommend him to any of my loved ones and trust he would give them the same great care.

  • My experience here has been so good. Excellent care. I have been to several places and Dr Ho's office is by far the best. His assistants are very helpful. I would recommend Hinsdale Ortho to everyone I know. Thank you so much.

  • I love Dr. Ho! I was referred to him by another doctor in the practice because he felt Dr. Ho had more experience with my issue. He listens, is caring and makes sure you understand the problem along with his suggested treatment plan. I ended up having surgery. It was a long recovery, but I can now walk without horrible pain! I just returned from a vacation where I was even able to walk along the beach barefoot! I would highly recommend Dr. Ho to anyone!

  • I was extremely please with Dr Ho's professionalism, and bed side manor. He is a extremely nice person. I would recommend his services. Dr Ho's staff is wonderful, always willing to help, nice, and friendly.

  • highly likely to recommend Dr Ho! not only is he extremely knowledgeable about my situation, he is very personable & communicative. when you see your doctor with a genuine smile, it's quite comforting!

  • Dr. Ho is smart, empathetic, thorough, well trained and prompt. For more than one year I suffered with my left foot big toe, then I came to see Dr. Ho. He examined x -rays and determined that I had severe arthritis in my big toe. To avoid surgery Dr. Ho prescribed that I try using a carbon fiber shoe insert and that totally eliminated my toe pain. Prior to coming to Dr. Ho, I had visited three different podiatrists all of whom told me there was nothing they could do to treat my pain.

  • Dr. Ho was very patient and personable during the whole process from start to beginning. Explained everything so the patient understands what the injury is and what the treatment options are. Post surgery experience was good as well. He was very encouraging for me to return to my normal activity prior to injury and during the whole recovery process.

  • Dr. Ho explained everything to me in medical and lay terms so I could understand the surgical procedure and my recovery and rehabilitation. He is professional yet friendly. He takes his time during appointments and I never felt rushed. All my questions were answered. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Ho and felt valued as his patient. I would recommend Dr. Ho and his expertise to anyone who needs foot/bunion surgery. Thank you for a successful resolution to my bunion/ foot pain problem.

  • Dr. Ho is an amazing doctor. His professionalism and manners go well beyond any experience I have ever had with doctors. Dr. Ho was very honest with what was happening, the steps that would be taken, and the length and issues on the road to recovery. I would suggest to anyone, not only friends and family, if they are in need of an orthopedic doctor, to come and see him. The staff are equally professional and courteous to your needs and will always make you feel at home. JUST AWESOME!

  • Dr. Bryant Ho has been instrumental in the recovery process of a work injury I had endured and was willing to do WHATEVER needed to be done, and to see that I was given the treatment and the care and attention to detail that I deserved. Very great to deal with, staff is excellent and professional!

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  • I broke my fibula and tore all my ligaments, from the moment I was first seen by Dr. Ho, he was phenomenal. I ended up having surgery, and It was the longest 12 weeks ever, but overall a great experience, with no complications, and I’m back on my feet, and the scar is almost gone.
    I HIGHLY recommend him and his staff extremely professional and caring.
    Thank you for everything.

  • My experience here is very good. First of all no one could diagnose my condition prior to Dr. Ho. Then he gave me all the possibilities and ask me to make my decision and then he performed surgery. It went really well and I am now able to walk and run on my feet again. Very much appreciated all the efforts taken by him and his team the entire time around. Thank You.

  • Dr. Ho and his staff did a fantastic job operating on and treating my broken ankle! Could not have asked for better treatment!

  • Dr. Ho removed a bone spur for me that was on the top of my foot. This spur has bothered me my entire life, and I was always hesitant to get surgery. Dr. Ho made me feel extremely comfortable and was there for me every step of the way. It is now 3 months post-operation and I have no limitations when it comes to my foot. I am feeling great and am very grateful for Dr. Ho and his team.

  • Dr. Ho is the Best! I had a really great experience with Dr. Ho after breaking my ankle last February. Dr. Ho explains everything and really listened to my concerns and worked with me to come up with the best plan for fixing my ankle. I tell everyone that this has been the easiest hardest thing to go through, and the dr and staff at Hinsdale Orthopedics took care of me every step of the way. A++, THANK YOU TAKING SUCH GOOD CARE OF ME AND MY BROKEN ANKLE! :):)

  • I have rheumatoid arthritis and my foot is deformed due to the disease. I was getting a second opinion about surgery and saw Dr. Ho. He was very knowledgeable and gave me the information that I needed. He also suggested other things that I can try other then surgery. He was kind and patient and gave me adequate time.

  • Dr. Ho and all of the staff I had contact with were extremely helpful, kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Ho is friendly and approachable, and consistently walked me through each step of my healing process. His method resulted in the best outcome for my foot injury.

  • Good experience. Dr. Ho was very professional and explained everything

  • Dr ho was the best doctor ive ever had he was really nice and helped me get thru this problem

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  • Did a great job. He spent the time to explain everything and was nice.

  • Very helpful. Spend enough time discussing my diagnoses.

  • Professional, would recommend to everyone. Never really had to wait 5 min. Always taken right away.

  • Very personable. Answered all my questions. Id refer other to him. Everyone who I have dealt with was wonderful.

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  • Dr Bryant Ho . His staff was great they got me in and out in a 2 hour window. Literally 2 hours.I broke foot had soft cast had surgery 5 pins and a plate on my left foot.then hard cast I loved them all using the word loved here

  • I was referred to Dr.Ho by another doctor in the practice because he felt Dr. Ho had more experience with my ankle /foot issue. I was impressed with ow much time he took to explain my problem every step of the way. I could hardly walk because of the pain. Surgery recovery was long, but the outcome has been wonderful! I would highly recommend Dr. Ho to anyone. He is very caring and pays attention to you.

  • When I went to see Dr. Ho in 2017, I thought I couldn't do my upcoming Marathon in 2 weeks with a severe sprained right ankle. He had me in physical therapy for the remaining 2 weeks and was able to run/walk my 1st marathon. With his determination and my goal to complete the race, I was proud!

  • What a wonderful Dr. ..So happy with my result ...He listens and goes to work on the problem...He is the best...

  • I love everything about Dr Ho. But the thing I appreciate the most is he listens to him patients. He is a great Dr. who knows what he is doing.

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