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  • Increased Muscle Power May Prolong Life

    Increasing muscle strength is good, but increasing muscle power may be even better for enjoying a longer life, according to a recent study.

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  • Supramalleolar Osteotomy with Medial Distraction Arthroplasty for Ankle Osteoarthritis with Talar Tilt

    An increased preoperative talar tilt (TT) angle was reported to be positively correlated with treatment failure after supramalleolar osteotomy (SMOT) for varus ankle osteoarthritis. Distraction arthroplasty was reported to have the ability to correct increased TT angles. The purpose of the current study was to compare the outcomes between SMOT with and without medial distraction arthroplasty (MDA) in the treatment of varus ankle osteoarthritis with increased TT angles.

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  • Pain at Big Toe Joint: Everything You Need to Know

    People may experience pain at the big toe joint as a result of many common problems, including arthritis, injuries, and bunions. The pain can make everyday activities, including walking, more challenging.

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  • Expert Tips for Reducing Running Injuries

    Most runners are enthusiastic about their sport and take steps to work out safely. But injuries like stress fractures and muscle strains, among others, are common and can sideline you, sometimes for weeks if not months.

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